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Fill out the 2020 Census to support education funding

Respond to the 2020 Census today at It only takes minutes, and it matters.

This nationwide count will affect how funds go to states and communities for the next 10 years. Your child's school depends on these funds for classroom technology, teacher training, after-school programs, special education, school lunch assistance, and more.

Be sure to count everyone in your household, including all children, when you respond. Invite your children to observe, to teach them about their civic duty!

As students head home for at least two weeks, families are coping with the upheaval in their lives while at the same time trying to calm their children and themselves.
The American School Counselor Association has resources to assist with explaining the coronavirus.
"Many parents are wondering how to bring up the epidemic in a way that will be reassuring and not make kids more worried than they already may be." 
Parents may use the link below as a guide on how to talk to their kids.  It can also be accessed in Spanish.
Another suggested resource uses videos to assist parents.

Coronavirus Student Guide: Talking About Outbreaks

Watch the Brainpop video below on the coronavirus and use the discussion questions to talk about the outbreak with your students. Then check the latest news on the virus via the PBS NewsHour. 

Congratulations Lorca Parents, Students and Community!!!
Because of your dedication 100% of our 8th Graders applied to the
High School of their choice using Go CPS.
Felicitaciones padres de Lorca, estudiantes y comunidad!!! 
Debido a su dedicación el 100% de nuestros estudiantes de octavo grado aplicaron a la escuela secundaria de su elección utilizando go CPS.
The APA (American Psychological Association) has suggestions to alleviate Holiday Stress.  
​Please click the file below for more information.  Scroll down for the Spanish version.
La APA (Asociación Psicológica Americana) tiene sugerencias para aliviar el estrés navideño.  
Por favor haga clic en el archivo abajo para más información. Desplácese hacia abajo para la versión en español.
What’s the difference between a IB program and General Education?
Are STEM and ECSS the same thing?  What is CTE?
 Use this glossary  which is filled with key words and the definitions.
After clicking View Glossary, scroll to the top right hand corner of the page and select your language preference before finding terms.
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un programa de IB y uno educación general?
¿Son STEM y ECSS lo mismo? ¿Qué es CTE? 
Usar este glosario que está lleno de palabras claves y definiciones.
Después de hacer clic en ver Glosario, desplácese a la esquina superior derecha de la página y seleccione la preferencia
de idioma antes de encontrar los términos.
View Glossary
Frederico Garcia Lorca's Daytime High School Fair October 2, 2017
​The Mission of Frederico Garcia Lorca Elementary School’s Counseling Department
is to provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environment,
which aims to embrace the diversity of our community including students with disabilities and English language learners.
Through the implementation of a comprehensive school counseling program, we will cultivate our Orcas’ expectations and desire to succeed while facilitating the life-long academic, personal, social, and career success of every student.
La misión del Departamento de Consejería de la escuela primaria Federico García Lorca
es proporcionar un ambiente de aprendizaje seguro, inclusivo y de apoyo, el cual tiene como objetivo abarcar la diversidad de nuestra comunidad, incluyendo estudiantes con discapacidades y estudiantes que están aprendiendo el idioma inglés.
​A través de la implementación de un programa integral de consejería escolar, cultivaremos las expectativas y el deseo de nuestras orcas de triunfar mientras facilitamos el éxito académico, personal,
​social y profesional de toda la vida de cada estudiante.
My name is Grace CABP Itter and I feel highly privileged to be your Professional School Counselor.
Please stop by 100A and say hello…because You Are Welcome Here!
If you need to reach me you can e-mail me at or call me at 773-534-0950 ex 13624

Mi nombre es Grace Itter y me siento muy privilegiada de ser su consejera profesional de la escuela.
¡Por favor pare por el salón 100A y diga Hola... porque Usted es Bienvenido Aqui!
Si necesita comunicarse conmigo, puede enviarme un correo
​electrónico a o llamarme al 773-534-0950 ex 13624

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